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Our speakers and components can be connected over WiFi to create the system that you desire. You can listen to a podcast in your bedroom while you watch TV in the living area, or connect all of your speakers together to play music.

Wireless Systems

Use your Wi-Fi to send music to amplifiers or speakers connected to it. You can use your smartphone, an online subscription service such as Spotify, or a networked computer to play the music. You can control volume and select source using a smartphone app, voice assistant or URC Total Control home control remotes.

Wireless systems are usually “closed,” which means that all components and speakers must be the same brand. Bluesound, Sonance, and Sonos are the most popular wireless systems.

Wired Systems

Old-school systems depend on wires that are hidden behind walls. The wires run from the speaker locations to a group of components, which includes at least one amp and one music source. The speakers are typically installed on your ceilings or walls. Wall-mounted knobs and keypads can control volume and source selection.

Wired systems are less likely to accumulate “gear clutter.” The hardware is usually hidden in a utility or equipment closet. A wired system will be easier for technophobes to use. It’s best to use one when you are building or renovating a home. Sonance products are elegant and can be used in this situation. Their motto, Designed to Disappear, is the heart of Sonance. This simple philosophy inspires everything they do. Technology should disappear into architecture. They blend seamlessly into any design, budget, and installation with a balanced, even sound experience.

Hybrid Systems

If you want, you can have both the best and worst of both. It is legal to add a wireless music source component into a wired system. You can also power outdoor speakers and in-ceiling speakers using a network-connected amplifier.

Smart Home Solutions

All of our systems can be controlled by voice assistants, such as the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

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