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OTS Audio is not just another car audio store. We host regional IASCA sound quality competitions for central Florida and frequently travel to 12-volt industry conferences such as KnowledgeFest. With our certified technicians and a full custom build workshop that includes laser CAD systems, we are central Florida’s premier destination for all your car audio needs. We handle jobs of all sizes and offer guaranteed work.

Our Mobile Audio Services


Our subwoofers are designed to deliver unmatched sound quality. Whether you’re a casual listener or an audiophile, we have the right product for you.

Other Key Products

In addition to subwoofers, we also specialize in:

Head Units, Custom A-Pillar Installations, and more.

Popular 12-Volt Systems Solutions

We also offer a variety of popular 12-volt systems solutions:

Backup Cameras: Increasingly standard in new cars for safety.
Dash Cams: Offer extra security and evidence in case of accidents.
GPS Navigation Systems: Advanced features include real-time traffic updates.
Remote Start Systems: Convenience, especially in extreme weather conditions.
Bluetooth Car Kits: For hands-free calling and music streaming.
LED Lighting: For better visibility and aesthetics.

Photo of a split image featuring six distinct sections. On the top-left, a modern backup camera installed on a vehicle's rear. On the top-center, a dash cam mounted on a car's windshield with a clear view of the road. On the top-right, a GPS device displaying a city map with a route highlighted. On the bottom-left, a remote start system's key fob with buttons to start and unlock. On the bottom-center, a car interior showing a Bluetooth kit with a hands-free microphone and controls. On the bottom-right, bright LED lighting illuminating a car's interior in cool blue tones.

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Expert certified technicians, Full custom build workshop, Hosts of regional IASCA sound quality competitions.

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